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“Photography is the story I fail to put into words.”

-Destin Sparks


Growing up I was always taught the value of hard work, and putting your heart into everything you do. Growing up on a ranch really helped me to prepare myself for life. Now what makes me different from any of the millions of people who might say these things? Well, I truly believe that the more work you put into something the more rewarding it will be. 

I myself have always struggled with loving myself, and I am a huge advocate of self love. I believe every body, gender, race, and feature is beautiful. I have always been on the plus size from a childhood, till now. I remember being picked on and going home and crying because I wasn't like everyone else. Having dealt with this for years, I never want anybody to feel the way I felt, so everyday I do what I can to help others love themselves.

I hardly ever like the way I look in photos, due to my size, or my features that I hate such as my chin or my squinty eyes when I smile. While taking your photos I want you to feel beautiful, and I want to show both your inner and outer beauty. I want to make you love the features that you hate. I want to capture who you are as a person, and not just adhere to the societal beauty standards. Show your flaws, but as the most gorgeous parts of your body. 

There are some times in life where I have felt like I don't have any good stories or that I don't have enough memories. In reality, I have so many. There are times I wish I had paid more attention to what was happening around me or had the ability to capture the moment in a way that lasts forever. You have the ability to do that. Work with me, let's capture those moments!


My photography is the story I cant put into words. A story that isn't listened to or told, but felt and relived. Let me capture your story. Let me help you to relive the most wonderful parts of your life.

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I am based in my very own hometown, Auburn California. I am a 7th generation Auburnite, and am a part of one of the oldest families in Placer County.


I shoot a multitude of different things, and you can find out more on my services page. If you have any questions, message me!


I have been interested in photography since I was ten years old, I took classes in high school and at my local Junior college and just recently turned my passion into a business.


I love country folk music, which is my favorite type of music. However, I listen to many different types of music, too many to list.


My favorite color is yellow. Not just any yellow, but if you asked me to explain what it looked like, I wouldn't know where to start. 


I love the outdoors, so anything that allows me to get out into nature. I especially love hiking, swimming and traveling. More on the art side, I am a part of a local theatre company and I am also a part of a National Honor Choir.